"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." John Quincy Adams

Karlee “Willow” Davies on Finding Her Calling as a Tour Guide

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The Travel Love Story of Earthstompers Bosses Hendrik & Chrissy Human

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Eric McLaren: From Print to Footprints

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Founder of TheSmartLocal Bryan Choo Shares His Success Recipe

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Tattooist Sumithra Debi: Creating Art Beyond Skin Deep

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Bhas Karan: From Army Commander to BODYATTACK Instructor

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Haukur Thorsteinsson: Life on the Off Road

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Altruistic Donor Lin Dilun “Loses” a Kidney but Gains a Second Family

In screenwriting, the superhero-saves-the-cat trope is one that raises the ire of professional readers. But at one point in his life, that was Lin Dilun’s... Read More

Sharina Bynes: Braving the World as a Freelance Emcee and Choreographer

Aah, the ’90s: an era marked by the complete domination of cookie-cutter pop stars. It was a brand of intoxicating bubblegum-pop grandeur: cheesy rhyming couplets,... Read More

Nazri Mohayadin: The Journey of Losing 45kg

There I was, a few paces from the steely, mammoth X-ray machine. This was 2008, when I was a strapping Military Policeman deployed in the... Read More