"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." John Quincy Adams

‘He Slapped Me, Punched Me, Kicked Me and Spat at Me, but I Forgive Him.’ Sandra Aulia’s Powerful Account of Surviving Domestic Violence.

This story contains details that may be emotionally unsettling, but they reflect Sandra's journey as a domestic violence survivor. The pain from the contusion on... Read More

Bingz Huang on Navigating the World as a Highly Sensitive Person, Energy Healing and Gentleness

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Bingz Huang knows what it is like to feel emotional burnout. By tapping the teachings of the Human Design... Read More

SGBrisketKitchen Founder Jayce Ho on the Joys and Pains of Smoking Meats and Entrepreneurship

Jayce Ho is a multihyphenate: she is a full-time business development manager, a passionate owner of Polish chickens, and she also runs a side business... Read More

The Epitome of Selflessness: Metta Cats Director Terry Lim on Saving Stray Animals, Eighteen-hour Days and Carrying on His Late Mother’s Legacy

Clad in his typical ensemble of black shirt, denim jeans and waterproof boots, Terry Lim is ready for another day of a punishing eighteen-hour routine.... Read More

Stories by Children Founder Chen Yuanhui on Awakening a Child’s Divinity and Wisdom

Drawing on her experience as a former Head of Aesthetics Education in Singapore's Ministry of Education, Chen Yuanhui today runs Stories by Children, a heart-based... Read More

How My Dog, Clifford, Uplifts and Gets Me Through My Chronic Depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder: Rajes Balachanther

As told to Alden Boon. ‘You are a burden.’ ‘A waste of space.’ ‘A good-for-nothing.’ No, these are not my current innermost thoughts. These were... Read More

Ceramication Founder Rayn Leow Talks the Art and Science of Pottery Making, Coming Out and Privilege

Nestled in the industrial fringe that is Sungei Kadut is an austere workshop, and here a ceramicist is hard at work. Flanking him are wheelable... Read More

President of Voices for Animals Derrick Tan on Animal Activism, His Past and Sacrifices

For as long as he can remember, Derrick Tan, President of Voices for Animals, has always had a natural affinity with animals. Today, he has... Read More

Liao Wenjing on the ‘Trauma’ of Breast Cancer and Finding Her New Calling in Life

All the signs pointed to it. The lumps in her breasts, first detected circa end of 2019, which Wenjing thought could be removed with a... Read More

Bankruptcy, Divorce and Loss of His Son: How Jimmy Ong Restarted His Life after Hitting Rock Bottom

Jimmy sits on the bed, his arms wrapped tightly around Shaun. Like snow at the coming of spring, his son’s life force dwindles with every... Read More