Of wanderlust, faraway places and getting lost in revelry.

Bucket List: Face-to-Face with the Great White Shark

“I’ll think about it.” “You’ll do it? Great!” Cindy, my Earthstompers tour guide with an electrifying charm, and I were at Salina’s Beach Restaurant, Wilderness.... Read More

Iceland’s Waterfall of Thieves Þjófafoss Will Steal Your Breath

Nature’s pool of true-blue cyan. To see it in person is a privilege. Þjófafoss, or Thjofafoss in English, is the epitome of ethereal beauty. Only via... Read More

Strokkur, Iceland: T Minus 8 Minutes to Splendour

Plumes of mist billow like smoke from fire, the rugged terrain swathed in brown resembling a village pillaged and raped. Silver streaks of water weave... Read More

Reynisfjara, Iceland: Black Sand Beach a Wonder of the World

“Do not go near the water,” Hawk our tour guide implored, the usual dulcetness of his voice suddenly evicted. Like a herald of woe, he... Read More

Bucket List: Conquer Acrophobia at Auckland’s Sky Tower

Feet planted on a glass floor. The elevator's homed. Dark, very dark. A whirring sound grew in strength, soon drowning out any laboured breath or cry... Read More