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Aileng Food Industries: Humongous Curry Puffs for the Win


Size matters, especially when it comes to food. When I first laid eyes on Aileng Food’s Jumbo Curry Puffs, my jaws dropped. It made me question, for the first time in my life, if I had what it takes to polish off a curry puff on my own.

Of course, size is just one part of the food equation. Flavour is just as important. In this aspect, the Jumbo Curry Puff did not disappoint. A snow of flaky crust littered the charcuterie board when I broke the puff into half (carefully I swept them off the board … and on to a new plate for enjoyment [the flakes are the best and I make no apology for my lack of etiquette]). When tackling a curry puff, I always go straight for the jugular: the edges — here, they were gratifyingly crunchy. Insulated within the skin were chunks of potato, an egg and bite-size chicken, all packing a wonderful spicy punch.

Aileng Food Industries Woodlands Curry Puff

Other than curry puffs, Aileng Food also offers other deep-fried goodies such as spring roll and samosa. When I took the sesame balls out of the box, my mother was hit by a bout of nostalgia, and began reminiscing about how the pastry was my grandma and grandpa’s all-time favourite. I also learnt that my mother used to make these balls with grandma. Anyway, in imperfect shapes Aileng Food’s sesame balls came: one was more oblong than round, and rather deflated; another had the same shape and pliability of a bean bag chair. I took a pause, and wondered if they would look photogenic on camera. And then another thought flitted into my mind: We should celebrate imperfections too.

Deformity aside, they were good, the perfect golden skin studded with fragrant sesame seeds. “Less sweet than grandma’s,” according to my mother (which in her book is always preferred); “bring some for aunty; she would love it,” she urged. My only wish was for the filling-skin ratio to favour the filling.

Three times I have ordered from Aileng Food now, and each time the offerings arrived fresh off the deep fryer, piping hot yet not cloyingly unctuous. When we conjure up images of curry puffs being delivered to our doorstep, the name “Old Chang Kee” comes to mind. But I think Aileng Food is a serious contender, its offerings surpassing the latter’s.

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Aileng Food offers delivery within the Woodlands area. Check out its foodpanda page.


Alden Boon
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