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Calvin Tan HIV Positive AIDS Singapore Advocacy -1848

‘Follow the Science. A Person Living with HIV Who Stays Virally Suppressed Poses No Risk of Transmission.’: Calvin Tan

The word ‘fat’ had followed me around like a shadow since I was eight years old. That year, my mother brought home Japanese karaage, or fried chicken, and from the ...
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From Being Bullied to Becoming a Disability Advocate – Winston Wong’s Life as a Hard-of-hearing Person

As told to Alden Boon Save for one incident, I remember little of my toddler years. What was supposed to be a fun day out at the beach with my ...
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‘There’s Nothing Shameful About Disabilities… And What We Do Need Is Inclusion.’: Josh Tseng

As told to Alden Boon As a young boy, I grew up fascinated with dinosaurs. Growing up in the midst of the dinosaur boom that swept the nineties, I dreamt ...
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Ross Nasir Big Brown Girl Esplanade Singapore Fat Acceptance Representation Body Positivity --2

Eight Questions with Star of Big Brown Girl Ross Nasir: Being a Plus-sized Woman and Her Self-love Journey

Ross Nasir is the star in the one-woman show 'Big Brown Girl'. The musical comedy follows Ruby as she dates several men from Singapore, Malaysia, Washington D.C. and Paris. The ...
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Ganesh Kumar Woodlands Botancial Garden Flowers Singapore Green Flowers

He Built Woodlands Botanical Garden From Scratch Alongside His Father. Now, Ganesh Kumar Wants It to Be a Bastion of Mental Wellness.

The smooth swards of grass burst with the hues of iridescent flowers. It is a dramatic juxtaposition: the idyllic garden, built on a nine-storey-high hill, is ringed in by tall ...
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Human Rights Defender Sherry Sherqueshaa on Crimes Against Sex Workers, Love, and Her Muslim Faith

Sherry Sherqueshaa is running. Her screams rouse many onlookers, but no one helps her. Her hand hovers over her exposed breasts, a feeble attempt at protecting the last remnant of ...
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