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Abused Because of Cerebral Palsy, but Still Wesley Wee Rises Above, Finding Happiness and Love in the Face of Adversity



Finding love

Over the years, Wesley has met many angels who helped him through many predicaments, but no one would have such an impact on his life as his wife Lorena. Lorena herself knew about abandonment: Her ex-husband had walked out on her and her daughter. Lorena first heard about Wesley’s story through a mutual Filipino friend. “I kept wondering: ‘How does he live his everyday life? How does he feed himself?” After searching for him online, Lorena managed to get in touch with Wesley, and the two began a friendship. “He would call me at 1am, and I didn’t understand him at first, so I tried very hard to concentrate on what he’s saying. I prayed to God and said that I’d like to meet Wesley, and I told Him I’d like to accept him into my family and take care of him.”

Her prayer was answered when Wesley, in 2011, after working hard to save for a flight ticket, was able to make it to the Philippines, with assistance from their mutual friend. His initial fear that Lorena and her daughter would reject him was quickly allayed by warm smiles and hugs. Immediately, he felt the same kind of love feted by his grandmother. “The first time I saw him, I was shocked by his appearance: He was so skinny and dehydrated. He didn’t dare to consume water because he was afraid he would have to use the toilet.”

His time in the Philippines was happy and eye-opening at the same time. “When he saw the way of life in my country, he began to realise how blessed he is to be a Singaporean. The streets are clean, there is reliable public transport, there are shelters, and most people follow the law,” says Lorena.

Wesley spent many months in the Philippines with his newfound family, and when he returned to Singapore with Lorena, his biological family had all but cut him out of their lives. The two had no place to stay, and would wander along Orchard Road, sleeping on the streets. Their prayer was answered when Pastor Gideon took them in and put a roof over their heads.

Eventually, Wesley and Lorena got married. This incongruous union of a foreigner with a person with disability raised eyebrows. At the Registry of Marriages, Lorena was interrogated by the officer, her motives coming into question. “He asked: ‘Why are you with a handicapped person? You’re just trying to using him to get citizenship!’ I replied: ‘I want to take care of him; I have compassion for him, and I love him. Many people don’t see handicapped people; they don’t want to include them in activities, and they don’t know that there is something you can learn from them.

People with disabilities have something special in them too. Get to know them. To know them is to love them. I think Wesley is very brave; he dares to share with the world his own traumatic story. His book ‘Finding Happiness Against the Odds’ took him six and a half years to write; slowly and painstakingly, he used his toes to type the words on the computer. He is someone who is full of dreams. From him, I learnt the true meaning of patience, and I feel, not just know, what unconditional love really is.”

Cerebral Palsy Wesley Wee with Wife Singapore

In January this year, the two received heart-breaking news that would test their strength: Lorena was diagnosed with uterine leiomyosarcoma, a type of tumour that invades the muscular part of the uterus. This is an extremely rare tumour that affects only one in six million women.  Both Lorena and Wesley now fly back and forth to the Philippines, where the former receives medical treatments for her cancer. But still Lorena remains optimistic, thanking God that she had not experienced any of the common symptoms.

While the road ahead is uncertain, as long as they have each other, Wesley and Lorena can weather any storm.

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What Wesley Hopes

1) There are cons who move around in wheelchairs, peddling tissue paper to unsuspecting passers-by. This negatively affects Wesley and his peers, whose livelihoods depend on selling tissue paper. Wesley implores the government to issue licences for wheelchair-bound people, so that Singaporeans can suss out the real people in need.

2) Businesses can offer people with disabilities discounts when the latter make purchases at their shops.

If you are able to help, Wesley is looking for 

1) A marketing person who knows the AWeber software and can teach him how to use it (pro bono)

2) A printing company who can print his upcoming book, written in Mandarin, while allowing him to retain his publishing rights

3) An editor who can help edit his upcoming children’s book (pro bono)

Wesley’s life story cannot be told in a few mere words. Purchase his inspiring autobiography here.  The proceeds will help him and his wife meet their day-to-day needs.

Make a donation to Wesley via PayNow to his mobile number 9800 7923. For other channels of donation, please drop him a message at 9800 7923.

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